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hello how are you? 

my city is small but very urbanite. 
Live in Vigo 

a big hug!

Adrianno Paratcha 

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Good evening, Edd! 

Inspiration is crucial to me, it’s my air I’d say. I find it mostly in editorial and portrait photography, movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s, book characters, getaways into music, vintage findings, travel musings (metropolitan cities), fashion culture (catwalks, models, magazines). Talented visual artists, actors, writers and musicians are a phenomenon, always a huge inspiration.

To be honest, I really look forward to moving out from the place I currently live in. It’s a small town and I feel more limited by its aura rather than inspired. The only plus is a village scenery, which I like to make use of when photographing during golden hours. I wish I could freely play with my tripod in the city streets though. 

I’m truly flattered to be featured, thank you! 


Hey my name is Simon and I’m from Stuttgart. I love Stuttgart because it’s a beautiful city with a big fashion mall and many fashion stores. Fashion is a big thing in my live. I love to walk around as stylish as you can see in my outfits on Lookbook. Nobody can say something because I love my style! I’m inspire for my looks only from fashion magazines and the people on the streets in Stuttgart. I’m 5 times in the week in the city and walk around so I could find a lot of new stuff! Of course inspire me a few LOOKBOOK people e.g. Yannick, Gabriel, Mohcine, Bobby and Adam. 

greetings Simon

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Hey Edd, 

Thanks for your interest. I live near Frankfurt (Germany) which is quiet beautiful because there are many modern districts but also old ones. 
I mainly get inspired by browsing through lookbook or tumblr, by music and by the seasons. 
And of course seeing fashionable people in the city is a huge inspiration, too. 





Here you are: 

Minimal art and things are what inspire me the most, geometrical shapes. I also find inspiration in photography and its composition. 

Keep in contact! 

Gerard Valldeperas

PD. sóc, exactament, de Sabadell :-)


The things that inspire me are nostalgia, the past and wanting to go back to that place. I find comfort in memories and the love in those memories. I’m also inspired by certain artists, certain musicians/bands, certain movies. They’re a great point of inspiration. I adore the beauty of the average, everyday person. How life works and the pattern of life. 

The city i live in. Does it inspire me? Slightly, not alot. I adore the scenery here in Zimbabwe but i can’t really say i’m inspired by the city itself.


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I live in Munich (Germany) which is a really nice place, very beautiful and quiet. Yet I love travelling and I get most of my inspiration by the people I meet during my countless journeys to other countries and cities. 

I hope that’s alright! 

Let me know when it’s online!