So the other day, a very good friend from the uni told me there was the event of the year happening for last week’s thursday: Actar’s Book Outlet. It was a very weird thing so we went there. There was no excuse for not going and nothing was that important so we arrived there after classes and let’s say it was more than worth it. Met with another two friends that knew about it also and even though we went there a little bit late let’s just say I got stuff, and very good stuff. The prices were scandalously cheap and what you see in the bag let’s just say I got it at a REAL deal. Soon I’ll post you my reccomendations and part of them got them in Enlgish so expect new things. //

El otro día sucedio lo inimiganible: Editorial Actar abrió sus puertas para un outlet fabuloso de precios exoribitantemente buenos. Gracias a un buen amigo de la uni (el mismo que he publicado su entrega) , logramos conseguir una dotación buena buena. Pronto publicaré los libros que compré pero digamos que hay material de inpsiración y lectura para el resto del año aunque, bien sabemos entre arquitectos, los libros nunca son suficientes.